Supplementary Methods, Table and Figures from The expression and characterization of recombinant cp19 k barnacle cement protein from Pollicipes pollicipes

S1. Protein purification; S2. Preparation of SAMs; Table S1: Ellipsometric thicknesses and results from contact angle measurements; Figure S1: Amino acid sequence alignment of rPpolcp19k to GenBank Accession number FN244142 [3]. Amino acid substitutions are highlighted by an asterisk; Figure S2: SPR sensorgrams for the adsorption of cp19k, TF, BSA and fibrinogen on CH3, OH, N(CH3)3+, COO- and OEG SAMS in ‘seawater conditions’ i.e. at pH 8.0, 600 mM NaCl 10 ml min-1 flow rate and 25 oC. A 3 min protein injection was followed by a 2 min dissociation phase with 0.01 M sodium phosphate buffer pH 8.0 and 600 mM NaCl.