Supplementary material from "Network regulation meets substrate modification chemistry"

Posted on 2023-01-18 - 07:00
Biochemical networks are at the heart of cellular information processing. These networks contain distinct facets: (i) processing of information from the environment via cascades/pathways along with network regulation (ii) modification of substrates in different ways, to confer protein functionality, stability and processing. While many studies focus on these factors individually, how they interact and the consequences for cellular systems behaviour is poorly understood. We develop a systems framework for this purpose by examining the interplay of network regulation (canonical feedback and feed-forward circuits) and multisite modification, as an exemplar of substrate modification. Using computational, analytical and semi-analytical approaches, we reveal distinct and unexpected ways in which the substrate modification and network levels combine and the emergent behaviour arising therefrom. This has important consequences for dissecting the behaviour of specific signalling networks, tracing the origins of systems behaviour, inference of networks from data, robustness/evolvability and multi-level engineering of biomolecular networks. Overall, we repeatedly demonstrate how focussing on only one level (say network regulation) can lead to profoundly misleading conclusions about all these aspects, and reveal a number of important consequences for experimental/theoretical/data-driven interrogations of cellular signalling systems.


Ramesh, Vaidhiswaran; Suwanmajo, Thapanar; Krishnan, J. (2023): Supplementary material from "Network regulation meets substrate modification chemistry". The Royal Society. Collection.
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