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Supplementary material from "Coral reef fishes reveal strong divergence in the prevalence of traits along the global diversity gradient"

Posted on 2021-10-19 - 02:10
Coral reefs are experiencing declines due to climate change and local human impacts. While at a local scale these impacts induce biodiversity loss and shifts in community structure, previous biogeographical analyses recorded consistent taxonomic structure of fish communities across global coral reefs. This suggests that regional communities represent a random subset of the global species and traits pool, whatever their species richness. Using distributional data on 3586 fish species and latest advances in species distribution models, we show marked gradients in the prevalence of size classes and diet categories across the biodiversity gradient. This divergence in trait structure is best explained by reef isolation during past unfavourable climatic conditions, with large and piscivore fishes in isolated areas. These results suggest the risk of a global community re-organization if the ongoing climate-induced reef fragmentation is not halted.


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Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences


V. Parravicini
M. G. Bender
S. Villéger
F. Leprieur
I. Pellissier
F. G. A. Donati
S. R. Floeter
E. L. Rezende
D. Mouillot
M. Kulbicki


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