Supplementary material from "Changes to the mtDNA copy number during yeast culture growth"

Posted on 23.06.2022 - 15:09
We show that the mtDNA copy number in growing cultures of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae increases by a factor of up to 4, being lowest (approx. 10 per haploid genome) and stable during rapid fermentative growth, and highest at the end of the respiratory phase. When yeast are grown on glucose, the onset of the mtDNA copy number increase coincides with the early stages of the diauxic shift, and the increase continues through respiration. A lesser yet still substantial copy number increase occurs when yeast are grown on a nonfermentable carbon source, i.e. when there is no diauxic shift. The mtDNA copy number increase during and for some time after the diauxic shift is not driven by an increase in cell size. The copy number increase occurs in both haploid and diploid strains but is markedly attenuated in a diploid wild isolate that is a ready sporulator. Strain-to-strain differences in mtDNA copy number are least apparent in fermentation and most apparent in late respiration or stationary phase. While changes in mitochondrial morphology and function were previously known to accompany changes in physiological state, it had not been previously shown that the mtDNA copy number changes substantially over time in a clonal growing culture. The mtDNA copy number in yeast is therefore a highly dynamic phenotype.


Galeota-Sprung, Ben; Fernandez, Amy; Sniegowski, Paul (2022): Supplementary material from "Changes to the mtDNA copy number during yeast culture growth". The Royal Society. Collection.
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