Supplementary material from "Brain and testis: more alike than ever though?"

Posted on 18.05.2021 - 06:38
Several strands of evidence indicate the presence of marked similarities between human brain and testis. Understanding these similarities and their implications has become a topic of interest among the scientific community. Indeed, an association of intelligence with some semen quality parameters has been reported and a relation between dysfunctions of the human brain and testis has also been evident. Numerous common molecular features are evident when these tissues are compared, which is reflected in the huge number of common proteins. At the functional level, human neurons and sperm share a number of characteristics, including the importance of the exocytotic process and the presence of similar receptors and signalling pathways. The common proteins are mainly involved in exocytosis, tissue development and neuron/brain-associated biological processes. With this analysis, we conclude that human brain and testis share several biochemical characteristics which, in addition to their involvement in the speciation process could, at least in part, be responsible for the expression of a huge number of common proteins. Nonetheless, this is an underexplored topic, and the connection between these tissues need to be clarified, which could help to understand the dysfunctions affecting brain and testis, as well as, to develop improved therapeutic strategies.


Matos, Bárbara; Publicover, Stephen J.; Castro, Luis Filipe C.; Esteves, Pedro J.; Fardilha, Margarida (2021): Supplementary material from "Brain and testis: more alike than ever though?". The Royal Society. Collection.
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Bárbara Matos
Stephen J. Publicover
Luis Filipe C. Castro
Pedro J. Esteves
Margarida Fardilha
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