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posted on 01.08.2020 by Jorge Júlvez, Stephen G. Oliver
Current research on systems and synthetic biology relies heavily on mathematical models of the systems under study. The usefulness of such models depends on the quantity and quality of biological data, and on the availability of appropriate modelling formalisms that can gather and accommodate such data so that they can be exploited properly. Given our incomplete knowledge of biological systems and the fact that they consist of many subsystems, biological data are usually uncertain and heterogeneous. These facts hinder the use of mathematical models and computational methods. In the scope of dynamic biological systems, e.g. metabolic networks, this difficulty can be overcome by the novel modelling formalism of flexible nets (FNs). We show that an FN can combine, in a natural way, a stoichiometric model and a kinetic model. Moreover, the resulting net admits nonlinear dynamics and can be analysed in both transient and steady states.