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Figure S1. from Location, location, location: survival of Antarctic biota requires the best real estate

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posted on 2023-03-17, 08:11 authored by Mark I. Stevens, Andrew N. Mackintosh
All terrain ice-free shown as colour-shaded regions for the two Antarctic Conservation Biodiversity Regions (ACBRs) that contain springtail species on the Antarctic Peninsula that match those used in figures 1 and 2. Distribution of springtail species shown as coloured dots, and geochronological sites as a red diamond, to match those used in figure 2. The geothermal areas are highlighted as small (orange) and large (red) sites as used in figure 1. ACBR region 3, North-West Antarctic Peninsula in red, shows sites where springtails are associated to geothermal areas; all species in this region are also found on offshore Islands. ACBR region 4, Central South Antarctic Peninsula in yellow, shows the sites for the only springtail species (green dots) only found at these sites on Alexander Island, which coincide with the cosmogenic dated site at Ablation Point Massif, which may have remained ice-free at the LGM.


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