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Video 1 from Neuroanatomical characterization of the Nmu-Cre knock-in mice reveals an interconnected network of unique neuropeptidergic cells

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posted on 2023-05-24, 18:05 authored by Mireia Medrano, Wissal Allaoui, Mathias Van Bulck, Sofie Thys, Leila Makrini-Maleville, Eve Seuntjens, Winnok H. De Vos, Emmanuel Valjent, Bálazs Gaszner, Ann Van Eeckhaut, Ilse Smolders, Dimitri De Bundel
Neuroanatomical distribution of ZsGreen1 expression in a cleared mouse brain. 3D volume rendering of half brain from a representative Nmu-Cre:ZsGreen1 mouse and. Objective 2x, digital zoom 0,63. 488 nm and 561 nm lasers were used to reveal ZsGreen1 endogenous fluorescence (green) and background signal (gray), respectively.


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