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Supplementary movie S4 from An insect-inspired collapsible wing hinge dampens collision-induced body rotation rates in a microrobot

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posted on 19.01.2019, 04:28 by Andrew M. Mountcastle, E. Farrell Helbling, Robert J. Wood
Overhead view of a flexible wing collision that occurs relatively early in the wing stroke, recorded at 11,000 frames/sec. The obstacle on the left side of the screen is moved up into the wing path, causing the wingtip to collide. Note that the wing hinge buckles upon collision of the wing tip (which occurs multiple times), allowing the wing to pass through the obstacle. Flexible wing collisions generally yielded lower airframe yaw rates than those resulting from stiff wing collisions because the flexible wing tip absorbed some of the impact force, and this difference was most pronounced for collisions occurring early in the wing stroke (low wing stroke phase).