Real-time monitoring of the erratic crack growth in an artificial rock from Crack growth in heterogeneous brittle solids: intermittency, crackling and induced seismicity

2018-10-31T14:22:26Z (GMT) by Jonathan Barés Daniel Bonamy
The movie shows the synchronized evolution of mean crack length, mean crack speed, overall mechanical energy stored in the sample, released power and energy release at each time step. It show also the time evolution of the acoustic energy collected at the piezo-transducers together with that of the spatial 3D localization of the AE source throughout the sample (volume of observation: 130×38×15 mm). The crack propagation is observed by means of a camera at the specimen surface (area of observation: 130×38mm). The film is accelerated. The total duration of the experiment is about 5h30, yielding a mean crack speed of 2.7 μm/s