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Movie S9. Centromere and spindle dynamics at anaphase I in a wild-type cell from Chiasmata and the kinetochore component Dam1 are crucial for elimination of erroneous chromosome attachments and centromere oscillation at meiosis I

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posted on 01.02.2021, 10:12 by Misuzu Wakiya, Eriko Nishi, Shinnosuke Kawai, Kohei Yamada, Kazuhiro Katsumata, Ami Hirayasu, Yuta Itabashi, Ayumu Yamamoto
The movie shows time-lapse images of GFP-visualized cen2 and SPB (Sid4) and an mCherry-visualized spindle in a meiotic wild-type cell exhibiting Cut2 spindle localization. The rate of the movie is 3 frames per second.