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Movie S1 from Enhanced wall shear stress prevents obstruction by astrocytes in ventricular catheters

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posted on 2020-05-15, 10:15 authored by S. Lee, N. Kwok, J. Holsapple, T. Heldt, L. Bourouiba
Effects of high fluid shear stress (30 mPa) to astrocytes cultured under the static (0 mPa) or flow condition (3 mPa). The detachment upon the high shear stress only occurs to astrocytes cultured under the flow condition, in contrast to astrocytes statically cultured, which appear more robustly attached and instead only show weak retraction of their bodies in response to the suddenly imposed high shear stress. Both cultures were at T = 72 h, and the videos show the responses during t = 0 — 1 min; note that t is the duration for which cells are under the high shear stress. The video plays 3x