rsta20190008_si_003.mp4 (302.74 MB) from La Jument lighthouse: a real-scale laboratory for the study of giant waves and their loading on marine structures

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posted on 06.07.2019, 10:18 by J.-F. Filipot, P. Guimaraes, F. Leckler, J. Hortsmann, R. Carrasco, E. Leroy, N. Fady, M. Accensi, M. Prevosto, R. Duarte, V. Roeber, A. Benetazzo, C. Raoult, M. Franzetti, A. Varing, and N. Le Dantec
Supplementary animation: Sea surface animation produced by the BOSZ model for wave conditions of January 3 2018, 10 am