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Tables S1 and S2 from Altered lentiviral infection dynamics follow genetic rescue of the Florida panther

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posted on 10.10.2019 by Jennifer L. Malmberg, Justin S. Lee, Roderick B. Gagne, Simona Kraberger, Sarah Kechejian, Melody Roelke, Roy McBride, Dave Onorato, Mark Cunningham, Kevin R. Crooks, Sue VandeWoude
Table S1: Host demographic information for all sequenced isolates. Ancestery dervied from Johnson et al. (12) (CFP, canonical Florida panther; BC, backcross; Adm, admixed; EVG, Everglades; AdmFP, admixed Florida panther; SEM, Seminole; TX, Texas; TBA, to be assigned).; Table S2: Primer names and sequences.