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Table S2 from A novel duplex qPCR assay for stepwise detection of multiple Perkinsea protistan infections of amphibian tissues

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posted on 16.03.2021, 12:56 by Vanessa Smilansky, Aurelie Chambouvet, Mari Reeves, Thomas A. Richards, David S. Milner
Cq values for the Perkinsea PPC and NAG01a-c uniplex and duplex qPCR assays. Cq values per template dilution used to determine the efficiency and sensitivity of the NAG01 Perkinsea strain-specific qPCR assays in both uniplex and duplex conditions. Also presented are Cq values for PPC (KNA_DNA) and NAG01a+ (G2.13 and G8.1) DNA samples, extracted from tadpole livers. Grey highlights correspond to the linear dynamic ranges calculated for each assay. Dark grey highlights correspond to the upper and lower limits of detection calculated for each assay. “NA” in the Replicate columns indicates that the BioRad software was unable to calculate a Cq. An asterisk (*) in the ‘Replicate’ columns indicates that the regression method (as opposed to the default single threshold method) was used to determine Cq due to a high level of background noise. The regression method uses multiple data points to determine Cq and is therefore less sensitive to noise.