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Table S1 from Vocal babbling in a wild parrot shows life history and endocrine affinities with human infants

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posted on 26.05.2022, 07:22 by Rory Eggleston, Nurialby Viloria, Soraya Delgado, Astolfo Mata, Hilda Y. Guerrero, Richard J. Kline, Steven R. Beissinger, Karl S. Berg
Models predicting eight spectrographic measurements on vocal babbling. Akaike Information Criteria (AIC) scores are based on Generalized Linear Mixed Models. For each dependent variable there is an AIC analysis that included eight main factors, each in separate models; nest origin was included as a random factor in each. These eight main factors were combined in more complex models (Full Models) and AIC analysis repeated for each dependent variable. Hatch refers to the hatching sequence; Treatment refers to CORT, Oil and Control; Period refers to CORT-treatment period (20-26 days vs. 27-36 days post hatch); Brood refers to number of nestlings in each brood; Age refers to age of nestlings in days post hatch; Year refers to 2017 or 2018; Sex refers to Female or Male; Random refers to a intercept only model.