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Supplementary data from Rising floor and dropping ceiling: organ heterogeneity in response to cold acclimation of the largest extant amphibian

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journal contribution
posted on 19.09.2022, 05:49 authored by Wei Zhu, Chunlin Zhao, Tian Zhao, Liming Chang, Qiheng Chen, Jiongyu Liu, Cheng Li, Feng Xie, Jianping Jiang
Supplementary data 1: Figure S1: Basic information for the aquaculture of captive-bred Chinese giant salamander. Figure S2: The photograph of the circulating water system. Figure S3: The photograph of the digital water bath. To determine the preferred temperature of larvae, two bathes were used to generate the thermal gradient by heating or cooling the circulating water. Figure S4: Length distribution of the predicted ORF. Figure S5: PCoA scatter plots presenting the variations of organ metabolome and transcriptome in response to cold acclimation. Figure S6: Variations in metabolic and transcriptional profiles after cold acclimation. Figure S7: Variations of glycol-metabolites after cold acclimation.