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Supplementary Material from Metatarsal fusion resisted bending as jerboas (Dipodidae) transitioned from quadrupedal to bipedal

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posted on 19.09.2022, 05:38 authored by Carla Nathaly Villacís Núñez, Andrew P. Ray, Kimberly L. Cooper, Talia Y. Moore
Supplementary methods regarding phylogenetic comparisons, finite element model creation, and material models are described. Table S1 includes information regarding museum specimens in the study. Table S2 includes modeling information for each species. Figure S1 demonstrates the energy diagrams for static FEA models. Figures S2 and S3 depict the peak von Mises stresses for each unscaled and scaled model, respectively. Figure S4 includes phylogenetic reconstructions of metatarsal length, body size, and metatarsal fusion for the larger mouse-related clade of rodents used to generate estimates for the species in Dipodidae.