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Supplementary Information for Chemodrug-gated mesoporous nanoplatform for NIR light controlled drug release and synergistic chemophotothermal therapy of tumors

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posted on 05.08.2022, 10:29 authored by Cuiping Fu, Jialin Lu, Yihan Wu, Yong Li, Jinliang Liu
Figure S1. Nitrogen absorption isotherms of GNR@mSiO2. Fig S2 (a) UV-Vis curves of DOX at different concentrations. (b) Calibration curve used for estimation of DOX. Figure S3. FTIR spectra of GNR@mSiO2 and GNR@mSiO2-DOX/PFP@PDA. Figure S4. Microscopic images of microbubbles at different concentrations. Figure S5. Release profiles from GNR@mSiO2-DOX/PFP at different pH values with or without NIR. Figure S6. Cell cytotoxicity of normal cells (BALB/3T3) without NIR or with NIR (power density of 2 W/cm2) for 5 min. Figure S7. (a) H&E staining images of tumor sections after different treatments. (b) H&E-stained major organ tissue slices after different treatments. (Scale bar = 150 μm)