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Supplementary Figure 3 from Emergence and radiation of distemper viruses in terrestrial and marine mammals

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posted on 20.10.2021, 03:43 by Iben Stokholm, Wendy Puryear, Kaitlin Sawatzki, Steen Wilhelm Knudsen, Thilde Terkelsen, Paul Becher, Ursula Siebert, Morten Tange Olsen
Plot illustrating the time estimates and HPD intervals generated in BEAST2 (Bouckaert et al., 2014) based on 12 analyses conducted with different combinations of substitution, clock and evolution models. The different model combinations are given by the following abbreviations: RC = relaxed clock, SC = strict clock, cbs = Coalescence Bayesian Skyline, ccp = Coalescent Constant Population and cep = Coalescence Exponential Population. The triangle and circles indicate the mean divergence estimates calculated as the time to the most recent common ancestor (tMRCA). Three estimates are illustrated; the tMRCA between CDV and PDV (red) and the tMRCA of the modern sequences of each virus (PDV = green and CDV = blue). The triangle represents the analysis chosen based on the marginal likelihood score while the circles indicate the rest of the analyses.