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Relationship between apex displacement and applied pressure. from Initial scaffold thickness affects the emergence of a geometrical and mechanical equilibrium in engineered cardiovascular tissues

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posted on 31.10.2018, 14:01 by M. A. J. van Kelle, P. J. A. Oomen, W. J. T. Janssen-van den Broek, R. G. P. Lopata, S. Loerakker, C. V. C. Bouten
Figure 1: Relationship between apex displacement and applied pressure of one thin (a,c) and one thick (b,d) sample at two different time points, day 0 (a,b) and day 21 (c,d). The inverse analysis uses the central 50% of the construct for estimating the material properties (Section 2.5.1). Here the experimental (markers) and estimated (continuous lines) displacement of only the apex is shown as a function of the applied pressure.