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Figure S5: The impact of pABA supplementation on the relationship between pathogen burden & disease in single and mixed infections from A nutrient mediates intraspecific competition between rodent malaria parasites in vivo.

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posted on 13.07.2017, 09:49 by Nina Wale, Derek G. Sim, Andrew F. Read
The relationship between parasite density and red blood cell density (A, B) and parasite density and weight (C, D) through time in mice infected with ASpyr alone (A, C) or with both ASpyr and AJ (B, D) and given unsupplemented (blue) water or supplemented with a low (green), medium (pink) and high (orange) concentration of pABA. Means and standard errors on each day, in each treatment, are connected by straight lines to form the trajectory. Numbers indicate the day of infection. Stars represent where in parasite-health space mice were on day 0. Parasite density is the sum of all parasites, irrespective of strain. n specifies the number of mice plotted.