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Figure S1: miRNA-normalized abundance of TE small RNAs from Arabidopsis RNA polymerase IV generates 21–22 nucleotide small RNAs that can participate in RNA-directed DNA methylation and may regulate genes

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posted on 24.12.2019, 16:16 by Kaushik Panda, Andrea D. McCue, R. Keith Slotkin
Reads per million (RPM) sequenced miRNAs of TE siRNAs in wt Col and pol IV mutant plants in three different tissue types - seedling, inflorescence and pollen. For each tissue type Pol IV-independent miRNAs were determined by comparing sRNA abundances between wt Col and pol IV mutant plants. The counts of Pol IV-independent miRNAs were then used to normalize tissue specific accumulation of TE siRNAs.