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Drought effect on carbon related processes from Diverse fen plant communities enhance carbon-related multifunctionality, but do not mitigate negative effects of drought

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posted on 16.10.2017, 09:16 by Bjorn J. M. Robroek, Vincent E. J. Jassey, Boudewijn Beltman, Mariet M. Hefting
The effects of plant functional type removal on net ecosystem CO2 exchange, Gross ecosystem production, CH4 production, and the Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) content in the pore water, just before (-1), just after (1) and 25 days after the initiation of an experimental drought. C = control treatment, G = graminoids removed, H = herbs removed, P = Polytrichum spp. removed, GH = graminoids & herbs removed, GHP = graminoids, herbs & Polytrichum spp. removal.