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Appendix Table S1 from Artificialilight at night decreases plant diversity and performance in experimental grassland communities

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posted on 2023-09-15, 15:18 authored by Solveig Franziska Bucher, Lia Uhde, Alexandra Weigelt, Simone Cesarz, Nico Eisenhauer, Alban Gebler, Christopher Kyba, Christine Römermann, Tom Shatwell, Jes Hines
Sown species and species found in the EcoUnits. For every species 1000 seeds m-2 were sown. Give n is the weight for 1000 seeds. Also given is the contribution in biomass in g dry weight. Some species did not contribute to dry weight whereas others grew even though no seeds were added as the soil was not sterilized. Species displayed in bold were chosen for trait measurements. ‘-‘ denominates that species were not found at all during the biomass harvest, weight of 0 indicated that species were found, but contributed less than 100 mg to dry weight.


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