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Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C; Appendix D; Appendix E; Appendix F from A cross-scale trophic cascade from large predatory fish to algae in coastal ecosystems.

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posted on 21.07.2017, 11:25 by S. Donadi, Å. N. Austin, U. Bergström, B. K. Eriksson, J. P. Hansen, P. Jacobson, G. Sundblad, M. van Regteren, J. S. Eklöf
List of fish species collected with gillnets in 32 bays; Predation intensity assay; List of epiphytic algae species; List of macroalgal grazers species; Effects of piscivores on grazer assemblage composition; Stickleback in stomachs of perch and pike