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Table S4. Effects of genetic similarity on female fertility (pregnant yes/no) based on numbers of shared MHC antigens instead of the dichotomous sharing/no sharing. from Major histocompatibility complex-linked social signalling affects female fertility

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posted on 29.11.2017 by D. Burger, S. Thomas, H. Aepli, M. Dreyer, G. Fabre, E. Marti, H. Sieme, M. R. Robinson, C. Wedekind
Likelihood ratio tests comparing GLMMs and GLMs with genetic markers (fixed factors) and/or stallion identity (“ID”, random factor) and reference models (indicated in italics) to test the effects of (A) number of shared MHC antigens (“MHC”, range 0 to 3), and (B) direct comparison of effects of number of shared MHC antigens and pairwise relatedness r in the subsample of 126 mares that allow for such a test. Significant p-values are emphasized in bold.