Table S2 from CRISPR-Cas immunity leads to a coevolutionary arms race between Streptococcus thermophilus and lytic phage

Unique host CRISPR spacers detected by PCR analysis. Replicate and Timepoint (days post-infection) of the clone(s) which had a given spacer are shown. Locus is either CRISPR1 (CR1) or CRISPR3 (CR3). Start and End are the locations on the phage 2972 genome to which the sequences mapped, given in base pairs. N is the number of clones in a replicate X timepoint combination (max. 12) that had the spacer. GeneID is the NCBI number of the gene which the spacer mapped against, and refer directly to the. Gene description is the function (if known) of the region targeted by the spacer.