Table S2: Water chemistry from Ocean acidification affects acid–base physiology and behaviour in a model invertebrate, the California sea hare (Aplysia californica)

2019-09-26T04:16:37Z (GMT) by Rebecca L. Zlatkin Rachael M. Heuer
Water chemistry parameters for acid-base and behavioural experimental objectives in Aplysia (Aplysia californica) exposed for 4-11 days to either control (400), 1200 uatm CO2 or 3000 uatm CO2. Values are presented as means ± s.e.m. PCO2 was calculated using values of pHNBS, TCO2, salinity, and temperature in CO2SYS using the constants K1 from Merbach et al 1973 refit by Dickson and Miller (1987), and Dickson for KHSO4 (Pierrot et al. 2006).