Table S2. Basic data for the stratified analysis found in Figs. 4-5 from Mitochondrial determinants of mammalian longevity

Abbreviations: Af, Afrosoricida; Ar, Artiodactyla: Ca, Carnivora; Ce, Cetacea; Ch, Chiroptera; Ci, Cingulata; Da, Dasyuromorphia; Di, Diprotodontia; Eu, Eulipotyphla; La, Lagomorpha; Ma, Macroscelidea; Pe, Perissodactyla; Pi, Pilosa; Ro, Rodentia; Pr, Primates; Si, Sirenia; Tu, Tubulidentata. MLS, mtMR and W denote the maximum lifespan (yrs), the mt metabolic rate (a. u.) and the phylogenetic weight, respectively. SC, TC, CC, and HYD refer to the Ser, Thr, and Cys contents and hydrophobicity of mtDNA-encoded membrane proteins, respectively. The values of variables (MLS, W, mtMR, SC, TC, CC, and HYD) are listed. Here, we used the complete amino-acid sequences. The coefficients (Ai, i=0-4) are as follows: 1. Laurasiatheria: A1=1.0955, A2=-0.2298, A3=-9.8398, A4=-1.4322, A0=-1.7201. 22. Rodents: A1=1.0289, A2=2.3849, A3=-4.1904, A4=-42.0586, A0=-3.2168. 3.Primates: A1=-0.4466, A2=0.6752, A3=-1.5907, A4=-1.6315, A0=-2.5397. 4. Cetaceans: A1=-0.0429, A2=-0.1714, A3=0.2435, A4=4.0870, A0=-6.9390. 5. Others: A1=0.9514, A2=0.2522, A3=,-1.2723 A4=-16.1261, A0=-2.0287