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Table S1. Measurements of choanocyte chamber diameter. from Three-dimensionally preserved soft-tissues and calcareous hexactins in a Silurian sponge: implications for early sponge evolution

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posted on 17.07.2019 by Ardianty Nadhira, Mark D. Sutton, Joseph P. Botting, Lucy A. Muir, Pierre Gueriau, Andrew King, Derek E. G. Briggs, David J. Siveter, Derek J. Siveter
Measurements of 71 different sediment-filled soft-tissue chambers (interpreted as choanocyte chambers) from physical-optical tomograms of OUMNH C.36032. Heights and widths measured in pixels (px) and converted to microns (µm); tomogram resolution was 105 pixels/mm. Mean diameter (i.e. mean of all heights and widths) 82.0 µm, standard deviation 17.5 µm, range 48-133 µm.