Supporting information from Inference in road ecology research: what we know versus what we think we know

We included as supporting information: PRISMA diagram of the literature search (Figure S1), a map of the geographic distribution of 307 studies of road effects on wildlife from 46 countries (Figure S2), the number of negative, positive, and neutral road or traffic effects on wildlife for studies in which estimating road or traffic effects was the main objective (Figure S3a) and studies having some other main objective but where roads or traffic were included as a covariate (Figure S3b), the number of effects measured for each type of response variable (Figure S4), an illustration of how an observed pattern of lower within-territory space use near a road can be caused by past road mortality (Figure S5), the number of times for which the authors inferred each mechanism for each type of response (Figure S6), and the list of reviewed studies and corresponding results for each study (Table S1).