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Supporting information from Alternative pathways to α,β-unsaturated ketones via direct oxidative coupling transformation using Sr-doped LaCoO3 perovskite catalyst

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posted on 25.11.2019 by Khang H. Trinh, Son H. Doan, Tien V. Huynh, Phuong H. Tran, Diep N. Pham, Minh-Vien Le, Tung T. Nguyen, Nam T. S. Phan
A strontium-doped lanthanum cobaltite perovskite material was prepared, and used as a recyclable and effective heterogeneous catalyst for the direct oxidative coupling of alkenes with aromatic aldehydes to produce α,β-unsaturated ketones. The reaction afforded high yields in the presence of di-tert-butylperoxide as oxidant. Single oxides or salts of strontium, lanthanum and cobalt, and the undoped perovskite offered a lower catalytic activity than the strontium-doped perovskite. Benzaldehyde could be replaced by benzyl alcohol, dibenzyl ether, 2-oxo-2-phenylacetaldehyde, 2-bromoacetophenone or (dimethoxymethyl)benzene in the oxidative coupling reaction with alkenes. To our best knowledge, reactions between these starting materials with alkenes are new and unknown in the literature.