Supplementary Tables S1 - S5 and Figure S1 from Incubation behaviours of oviraptorosaur dinosaurs in relation to body size

Table S1: Mid- to Upper Cretaceous oviraptorosaur egg and clutch specimens examined in this study; Table S2: Results of regression analyses for clutch volume (mm3, in logarithmic scale) against adult body mass (kg, in logarithmic scale) in living crocodylian and precocial bird species (n = 180) in order to predict adult body mass for the elongatoolithid specimens; Table S3: Outer and inner clutch diameters of various oviraptorosaur egg taxa; Table S4: Eggshell thickness of various oviraptorosaur egg taxa; Table S5: Eggshell porosity and predicted nest type in various oviraptorosaur egg taxa; Figure S1. Comparisons of egg shape in oviraptorosaurs.