Supplementary Table S2 from A predicted interaction between odour pleasantness and intensity provides evidence for major histocompatibility complex social signalling in women

2018-05-04T11:10:07Z (GMT) by Claus Wedekind
Mixed-effects analyses of pleasantness scorings in the combined datasets of Probst et al. [1] and Wedekind et al. [2], testing the effects of the sharing of MHC antigens between donor and rater (dissimilar versus similar; “MHC”), odour intensity (“intensity”), and “study” (Probst et al. [1] versus Wedekind et al. [2]) as fixed factors, and rater identity or donor identity (“ID”) as random factors. The proportions of the total variance explained are based on REML variance component estimates (unbounded). Significant p-values are marked in bold.