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Supplementary Table S1 from A predicted interaction between odour pleasantness and intensity provides evidence for major histocompatibility complex social signalling in women

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journal contribution
posted on 04.05.2018 by Claus Wedekind
Studies that tested experimentally for MHC-linked body or urinary odours and/or odour preferences in humans, based on a search in Web of Science (, starting with the keywords “HLA” and “odour”, and examining studies that cited, or were cited by, the papers that matched the search criteria. The table summarizes the conclusions drawn by the authors of the respective paper, with “yes” = the authors concluded that they had found evidence for MHC-linked effects on odours or odour perception; “(yes)” = both sexes were included and analyses were not sex-specific; “.“ = link to MHC was not tested; “?” = the role of the MHC remained unclear because there was no statistically significant link. The column “Critique & authors’ reply” refers to commentary papers that specifically addressed aspects of the respective paper.