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Supplementary Figures from High-purity lignin isolated from poplar wood meal through dissolving treatment with deep eutectic solvents

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posted on 08.01.2019 by Yujie Chen, Lili Zhang, Juan Yu, Yingzhao Lu, Bo Jiang, Yimin Fan, Zhiguo Wang
Deep eutectic solvents (DESs) have potential applications in biomass conversion and green chemicals due to their cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly properties. This study reports on a feasible method of using DESs for lignin selective extraction from poplar wood meal. DESs obtained from various hydrogen-bond donors and acceptors were used to evaluate the dissolving capacity of lignin from poplar wood meal. Among the various DESs, lactic acid: choline chloride (LA:ChCl, 9:1) exhibits the optimal extraction capacity, which is capable of selectively dissolving 95% of lignin from poplar wood meal at 120°C for 6 h. The purity of isolated lignin reaches 98% after regeneration in water. From FT-IR, nitrobenzene oxidation and NMR analysis, the results demonstrate that the DESs can selectively cleave ether linkages and damage the non-condensation section of lignin, thereby facilitating lignin dissolution from wood meal. Thus, this study provides a promising route for the extraction of high-purity lignin from biomass materials.