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Supplementary Figure S4 from ROM mapping of ligamentous constraints on avian hip mobility: implications for extinct ornithodirans

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journal contribution
posted on 08.05.2018 by Armita R. Manafzadeh, Kevin Padian
Scatterplots demonstrating relationship between the following simulated ligament fiber recruitment values and hip joint rotations, including correlation coefficients: (a) pubofemoral and FE, (b) pubofemoral and ABAD, (c) pubofemoral and LAR, (d) caudal ischiofemoral and FE, (e) caudal ischiofemoral and ABAD, (f) caudal ischiofemoral and LAR, (g) ventral ischiofemoral and FE, (h) ventral ischiofemoral and ABAD, and (i) ventral ischiofemoral and LAR.