Supplemental Figures 1 - 3 and Appendix A from Individual willingness to leave a safe refuge and the trade-off between food and safety: a test with social fish

Supplemental Figure 1: View from underwater camera placed under circular refuge. Metal washers were used to sink white plastic mesh “veil” to clear plastic mesh pool floor. The white plastic mesh “veil” surrounding the refuge cover stopped food pellets from entering under refuge, and restricted access in and out of the refuge to the 20 cm wide door (labelled using red lines and bold black text). Note examples of black ink fish markings used for individual identification.; Supplemental Figure 2: Panoramic view of experimental aviary and connected egret holding cage (located in top-right corner of figure).; Supplemental Figure 3: Overhead view of focal experimental pool and food pellet feeder (labelled in bold black text). Note central fish refuge (labelled in bold black text), two cameras placed near the right edge of the pool, and the two thin white plastic barriers placed 2 cm below the water surface used to keep food pellets within view of our camera array.; Appendix A: Randomisation analysis for inter-individual variation