Supplemental Figure 4: Growth rate dependence of gene expression parameters for Q (transcriptional or translational adjustment) and P (constitutive expression). from Division rate, cell size and proteome allocation: impact on gene expression noise and implications for the dynamics of genetic circuits

Related to Figure 3 (Q-km and Q-kp) and Figure 4 (P) of main text. The same cell volume dependency with the division rate is used in all cases (Vbirth(µ) = 0.19 × 21.11×µ, Taheri-Araghi et al., 2015). For P, to obtain relative changes of km, kp and γm with the division rate, data was extracted from Figure 1 in (Klumpp et al, 2009), which corresponds to constitutively expressed promoters, and simple analytic functions were fitted to the data to allow extrapolation to intermediate division rates.