Suppl. File 3 from Within-population variability in a moth sex pheromone blend, part 2: selection towards fixation

Aligned nucleotide sequences of the entire LPAQ delta-11-desaturase gene (gDNA) of 47 individuals. “L allel cDNA” refers to the consensus sequence of the cds allele in the High selection line, “L allel gDNA” to the consensus genomic DNA sequence in the High selection line (the names “High” and “Low” are reversed in our rearing. To stay consistent with our previous publication, our reference to “High” and “Low” in this manuscript is the same as in Groot et al. 2014). H56 refers to plate H56 of DGH, containing individuals from the JEN2 rearing of Jena. Individuals with numbers starting with 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 18 refer to individuals from our selection lines, where the first number is the rearing generation (i.e. 9 refers to the 9th generation of rearing, which is the 5th generation of selection). Individuals with numbers starting with 35 or 46 are from backcross families 35 and 46, respectively.