SukhdeepSingh_procedures and figures_ESM.doc from Donor–acceptor stenhouse adducts grafted polycarbonate surfaces: selectivity of the reaction for secondary amine on surface

Donor–acceptor stenhouse adducts (DASA) are gaining attention from organic and material chemists due to their visible light-stimulated photochromic properties. In this report, we are presenting a facile method for grafting coloured triene on polycarbonate surface, without involving any pre-treatments like plasma activation, etc. The chemoselectivity of carbonate with a primary amine and Meldrum's activated furan (MAF) with polymer bound secondary amine has been exploited to graft photoswitchable DASA on the polymer surface. Primary, secondary and tertiary amine-functionalized polycarbonate surfaces has been prepared to evaluate the reactivity of amine with MAF.