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Sources for the data of Zygophyllaceae species distributions; The calculation of climate variables; Species, voucher information and GenBank accession numbers for the sequence data of the four DNA markers used for the construction of the Zygophyllaceae phylogeny.; Explanatory power (R2) of the predictors for diversity patterns of the 154 Zygophyllaceae species with phylogenetic information evaluated by Generalized Linear Models (GLM) with Poisson residuals.; The time-calibrated phylogeny of Zygophyllaceace.

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posted on 17.10.2018 by Qinggang Wang, Shengdan Wu, Xiangyan Su, Linjing Zhang, Xiaoting Xu, Lisha Lyu, Hongyu Cai, Nawal Shrestha, Yunpeng Liu, Wei Wang, Zhiheng Wang
The phylogeny includes 174 Zygophyllaceae species and 2 outgroups from Krameriaceae. Dated phylogeny of Zygophyllaceae was generated using the Bayesian clock method implemented in BEAST version 1.8.0