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Histograms showing the percentages of the four participant characteristics of the aquatic mammal species involved in death events from Social relationships and death-related behaviour in aquatic mammals: a systematic review

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posted on 28.05.2018 by Melissa A. L. V. Reggente, Elena Papale, Niall McGinty, Lavinia Eddy, Giuseppe Andrea de Lucia, Chiara Giulia Bertulli
Supplementary material S3. Histograms showing the number of cases (%) for each (a) cetacean and (b) non-cetacean species, the grieving relationship for (c) cetacean and (d) non-cetacean and the sex for (e) cetaceans for the known cases only. For non-cetaceans the sex has been determined to exclusively Female with only 1 unknown case. Carcass state is showed in (f) for cetacean and (g) for non-cetacean, presence of other individuals involved in (h) for cetacean and (i) for non-cetacean.