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Figures and Tables from Evolution of a multifunctional trait: shared effects of foraging ecology and thermoregulation on beak morphology, with consequences for song evolution

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posted on 10.12.2019 by Nicholas R. Friedman, Eliot T. Miller, Jason R. Ball, Haruka Kasuga, Vladimír Remeš, Evan P. Economo
Figure S1: Biplots of phylogenetically-corrected Principal Component Analysis for observations of foraging behavior in honeyeater species. Species names are given at their PC value coordinates. PC loadings for each foraging variable are described as arrows.; Figure S2: Phylomorphospace for honeyeater beak shape. Axes vary between extremes illustrated by warp grids in Figure 1, such that beaks become deeper towards the right, and more curved towards the top.; Figure S3: Warp grids illustrating the extremes of beak shape PC axis 3, which is described in the text as “tapering”.