Figures S1 - S4 and Table S1 from Alginate foam-based three-dimensional culture to investigate drug sensitivity in primary leukaemia cells

Figure S1: (a) The process of producing microbubbles using a microfluidic V-junction. (b) Optical micrograph of the alginate microbubbles collected in calcium chloride and their changes during time laps immediately after collection (zero time).; Figure S2: The relative proliferation of primary leukaemia cells from AML patients (n=3) in foam-based scaffold (3D) compared to 2D is shown. The experiment was done in triplicate and shows higher proliferation of the cells in (3D) compared to 2D culture (p value: 0.005).; Figure S3: Enhanced myelomonocytic differentiation of blasts from an AML patient in 3D compared to 2D culture. The myeloblasts were further depleted (down to 50%) in CD34+ marker (red dots) after 3 days of culture in 3D compared to 2D.; Table S1: This table shows the percentage for various myeloid markers at day 0 and at 72 hours in 2D and 3D cultures for the samples shown in figure 3.; Figure S4: This figure shows the statistical differences between 2D and 3D cultures at 72 hours for the patients from figure 3.