Figures S1 - S2 and Supplementary Material from Cryptic habitat use of white sharks in kelp forest revealed by animal-borne video

Figure S1: A white shark (S4) encounters a conspecific while swimming through kelp; Figures S2: Dead-reckoned pseudo-tracks and box plots of three white sharks' movement while dense, low and no kelp were observed. Arbitrary units of north and east were created by magnetometer and accelerometer data, while a constant swimming speed is assumed. Kelp habitat, contact with kelp and seals, have been matched with video file classification and projected together. Box plots of activity (ODBA) and turning angle are displayed inset for; A) Shark 5, a 300 cm female that spent 60 % of the total time observed within kelp. B) Shark 3 a 350 cm male that spent 11% of total time observed in kelp and C) Shark 1, a 300 cm female that moved away from the Dyer Island system and spent less than 1.5 % of total time observed in kelp. The assumption of constant speed and the lack of ability to account for current flow mean shape of tracks may differ to actual movements the animals made during this time.; Supplementary Material: Further details of the methods and results used in this manuscript.