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Figure S2: Dynamics of mixed infections in individual mice from A nutrient mediates intraspecific competition between rodent malaria parasites in vivo

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posted on 13.07.2017 by Nina Wale, Derek G. Sim, Andrew F. Read
Dynamics of ASpyr (solid lines) and AJ (dashed lines) in mixed infections of mice given unsupplemented water (blue lines) or low (green lines), medium (pink lines) and high (orange lines) concentrations of pABA, as drinking water. Stars represent the number of parasites of each strain that were inoculated and the time at which they were administered. Dots and squares represent the density of ASpyr and AJ parasites, respectively, detected on a particular day, in instances where parasites were not detected the day before or after. A black asterisk indicates that the mouse was inoculated with less parasites than was intended and was excluded from all analyses. A double dagger indicates that the mice died during the experiment. A cross indicates that the mouse had a strong impact on the significance of the effect of pABA on the intensity of competition, as measured by the change total infection size in mixed vs. single infections (see Fig. S3).