Figure ESM3 from Social learning and the demise of costly cooperation in humans

Lack of attraction to common behaviours. Shown is the average decrease in absolute difference between an individual's level of cooperation and the relevant social information; Mode: the most frequent behaviour among four individuals from another group (Other-group treatment, N = 180 observations on 48 individuals); Mode (coop): excludes cases where the mode = 0 (N = 136 observations on 48 individuals); Mean: the mean cooperation of four individuals from another group (Other-group, N = 240 observations on 48 individuals); Mean of means: the mean cooperation of three other groups (Group-means treatment, N = 240 observations on 48 individuals). A positive reduction in the absolute difference represents attraction, and a negative reduction represents aversion. Error bars are the 95% confidence intervals. In no cases is there a significant attraction towards the relevant common behaviour.