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Electronic Supplementary Data. from Morbillivirus-associated unusual mortality event in South Australian bottlenose dolphins is largest reported for the Southern Hemisphere

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posted on 07.12.2016 by C. M. Kemper, I. Tomo, J. Bingham, S. S. Bastianello, J. Wang, S. E. Gibbs, L. Woolford, C. Dickason, D. Kelly
Details of collected carcasses examined in this study from SA during 2005–2013. NE = not examined. SVG-E = SVG east, SVG-W = SVG west, SVG-KI = SVG Kangaroo Island, SVG-VH = SVG Victor Harbor, SE = far south east of SA, SG = Spencer Gulf, WSA = western SA. Circumstance of death is assigned at post-mortem. Major cause of death is based on gross and histopathology. NA= not available, NE = not examined, MV = morbillivirus. The short description is as follows: Details of collected carcasses examined in this study.